Teaching Statistics

Teaching Statistics first appeared in 1979 and has been published three times a year ever since.   

Teaching Statistics:  

  • is for teachers of pupils aged up to about 19
  • includes articles on teaching statistics as a specialist subject and as a support tool for other disciplines
  • is full of ideas and resources for teaching data-handling and probability.

Regular features include:      

Classroom Notes; Computing Corner; Curriculum Matters; Data Bank; Practical Activities; Historical Perspective; Book Reviews; Letters; News and Notes.       

Teaching Statistics seeks to help teachers of biology, business studies, economics, geography, mathematics, the sciences and the social sciences etc. by showing how statistical ideas can illuminate their work and how to make proper use of statistics in their teaching. It is also directed towards those who teach statistics as a separate subject and to those who teach statistics in conjunction with mathematics courses. In the USA, teachers will find it useful in teaching the data-handling aspects of the NCTM Standards.The emphasis of the articles is on teaching and the classroom.      

The aim is to inform, entertain, encourage and enlighten all who use statistics in their teaching or who teach statistics per se. 

ISSN: 1467-9639